He took out a loan to clear his student overdraft. He was told that PPI was necessary for him to receive the loan.

was this you?


Your initial loan payment may
have included PPI

Credit Cards

Your monthly credit card payments
may include PPI without you knowing

When Helen was 22...

She took out credit cards to fuel her passion for fashion. She transferred the balances between cards and had no idea she'd been paying PPI every month.

was this you?

When Sam was 26...

He upgraded and bought a new car on finance. He was told he had to have PPI to get the finance and the policy was never fully explained.

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Car Finance

People were often told they couldn't
get finance without taking out PPI

Bank Accounts

Public sector and part time workers never needed PPI.

When Helen was 30...

She got her dream job as a nurse and she opened a packaged bank account for the benefits it offered but PPI was attached to her overdraft facility without her knowledge.

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When Sam & Helen got married...

Helen and Sam refinanced to consolidate their loans, credit cards and debts. Without being discussed, PPI charges were hidden in their loan.

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Refinancing was often a time for PPI
to be added.


PPI was sometimes added to mortgages
in one initial lump sum.

When Sam & Helen moved...

They secured a mortgage to buy their very first home, but they didn't know PPI had been added with all the other charges.

was this you?

When Sam & Helen were expecting a baby...

Helen furnished a beautiful nursery with a store card that had PPI attached when issued.

was this you?

Store Cards

Store card contracts sometimes
included PPI.

When Sam & Helen retired...

They jetted off to see the world with the help of a loan and credit cards, unknowingly and unnecessarily spending their retirement fund on PPI.

was this you?

Loan & Credit cards

PPI wasn't suitable if you
weren't working.