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Calendar pages - 2021 in review
14 December 2021

We won’t mention the ‘u’ word – but it’s been a year like no other.

Still feeling the impact of the global pandemic whilst slowly getting back to normal, 2021 saw its fair share of challenges for us all.

Here at The Fair Trade Practice we have always been committed to financial justice for our customers – but like everyone else we have had to continuously adapt to different and at times difficult circumstances over the past... Read more

Legal firms and CMCs are partnering up
9 November 2021

Many would have hoped that the end of the UK’s worst ever consumer scandal, mis-sold PPI, would have meant the end of financial malpractice hitting the headlines.

But despite decades of crises and scandals across the sector, financial institutions still find... Read more

26 October 2021

Barclaycard have written to some of their customers apologising for overcharging them and issuing refunds worth hundreds of pounds.

The lender had conducted a historic review into customer accounts and found that some were ‘adversely affected’ by ‘default fees’.

Default fees are typically charged when someone falls behind on their payments for a credit product – most commonly a credit card.

As well as the amount of these... Read more

Partnerships with TFTP
19 October 2021

If recent headlines are anything to go by, the current financial landscape for UK consumers is a bleak picture of costly scandals, regulatory fines and mass complaints.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s claims deadline on mis-sold PPI back in August 2019 was supposed to draw a line under the... Read more

He's watched by millions, holds an OBE for his work and has donated millions of pounds to charity - so just how influential is Martin Lewis?
30 October 2019

There are not many public figures today whose reputation remains untarnished, no less their word taken as gospel by millions.

But Martin Steven Lewis, or the Money Saving Expert as you probably know him, has spent the last 16 years garnering that kind of trust from people up and down the country when it comes to their personal financial matters.

Leading consumer rights campaigns, saving millions money on their day-to-day costs... Read more