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This week has seen further announcements in the press of the massive reductions to the armed forces that are being planned for from 2015 to pay for military equipment; cuts of more than 11,000 soldiers have been reported, taking the Army to the smallest it has been since Victorian times.

Loss of jobs on this scale in the armed forces has been rare, almost non–existent, in the past, but this has not stopped lenders mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to these much respected servants of the realm. Covering sickness is one of the main insured criteria, yet PPI is useless for those already covered in the event of accident or sickness. The likelihood of this is relatively high amongst armed forces personnel, many of whom have been sold PPI without further enquiry on the part of their lenders as to whether they could claim on certain elements of their policy.

As a result, claims for compensation from members of the armed forces are among some of the most frequent as military, navy and air force personnel claim compensation for mis-sold PPI cover. Where The Fair Trade Practice is based in the South, there are many Naval personnel stationed at Portsmouth and Army barracks across the county. Undoubtedly, many will not have given a thought to making a claim and may not know that they are eligible to make a claim.

If you haven't already found out if you are eligible to make a claim, whether armed forces or not, we at The Fair Trade Practice can help you find out, so check out our details around the website and give us a call.

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